Okay you have heard of the Heirloom Box but you haven’t chosen to subscribe yet? Well why? The Heirloom Box was designed for vintage and artisan decor aficionados,  who love to have authentic and cost effective pieces in their homes.  Our monthly fee is $49.95 plus a flat shipping rate of $10. We guarantee that the box contents will be $75+ offering you a savings of $25! Our boxes are not small! We tried our hand at smaller boxes but found that our contents were better suited by a 12 x 12 x 12 box. Which is massive in comparison to most subscription boxes out there.

The Explanation

Each box contains a detailed explanation of each item and often a suggestion on how to style it. Previous boxes included ragtime sheet music from the Edwardian Era PERFECT for framing. Whether it is a classic 20s milk bottle, mid-century flour sacks, or antique books you are sure a conversation piece on your hands.

We Love Our Subscribers

Refined Relics is truly a passion project. We hope to be able to bring classic vintage awesomeness to all of the United States and Canada at a discount. We have unique relationships directly with Northeastern antique dealers, who allow to hand pick an amazingly curated group of items every month. This often means we have access to PRIVATE collections or previews to estates sales that are not available to the public.


Check out this video from our lovely and charming friend Wendy Bentley, and check out the love she had for her box last fall!!


5 Favorite Style Trends (Other than Farmhouse) That We Love

I know, I know farmhouse style right now is hot, and one of my personal favorite styles. All the chipping paint and authentic wear can make any antique lover swoon, alas that is not the only style I love. Here is my top 5 non-farmhouse trends that have me and many other designers drooling!


  1. Geometric Shapes

Whether is contemporary planters, cups or even the Himmeli (A traditional Finnish Christmas ornament) geometric shapes have become super popular. We are loving the contemporary and simplistic flare of his trend and how nicely it serves a purpose for small décor pieces and often as a plant holding accent.


  1. Copper

Copper, copper, copper. Now this trend has been coming back for a while now and I cannot help but absolutely love it. Not only is Copper a super easy material to get your hands on, the color is so often sophisticated and classy. Not sure if we can thank the resurgence of the Moscow Mule and the associated copper mug, but whatever the reasoning, we are pumped to be adding this trend to our holiday homes.


  1. Gold

Much like copper gold has become tremendously popular. It has become a mainstay in a glam or classy, often more modern home. Gold can be wonderful in small and large ways, whether it’s a small golden décor item, throw pillow or a gold coffee table, it can make a wonderful and feminine statement. We say feminine because it pairs so well with pinks and more feminine color pallets.


  1. Neutral

Okay, okay well maybe this one ties into the farmhouse style right now. Whites, beige and muted greys have become all the rage and the farmhouse style has don’t nothing but help this along. This simple and timeless trend has many a home décor nut opting for less bold colors and more white.


  1. Minimalist

Clean, simple, classic and timeless if that doesn’t describe this whole list then I am not really sure what else would. The minimalist style is definitely the clean freaks dream. While it is partially the opposite of what I warmly consider the farmhouse-clutter-chic, minimalism, give me the urge to reduce the clutter and go for clean, smooth lines.


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