Becca Demmons-Johnson

About the Owner

Becca Demmons-Johnson was born in January of 1990 in the small mountain town of Plymouth, New Hampshire. She is the youngest child of DiAnne & Robert Demmons. After the death of her father, Becca was raised by her mother with the assistance of her amazing grandparents.

The first few years of Becca’s life were spent with her family in a small hunting cabin, deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This 800 square foot cabin, was a real throwback of a time gone by, lacking modern indoor plumbing conveniences.

Following the death of her father, Becca spent a considerable amount of time on her grandfather’s farm. The house, built in 1765, is a massive colonial complete with a world of wonder all for a small child. She spent her time exploring the grounds, uncovered an enormous amount of antique bottles and other prized treasures from the land.

Becca’s grandfather, Fred Shattuck, made a living by flipping historic New England homes. When he was 70-years-old, and Becca was two, he purchased a project home in Weare, New Hampshire. He and his team worked diligently to resurrect the collapsed carriage house and pull the old-fashioned nails from the wreckage to rebuild the breezeway and garage.

Becca also learned the value of antique hunting as she spent many days, sometimes less than enthused, going to every antique mall in New England with her grandparents. It wasn’t until much later on that Becca realized how much information she had, thanks to them.

Fast forward to 2016: Becca found herself 26-years-old, newlywed, pregnant with her daughter, and a new homeowner. She dug in her heels and got to work on the 1950’s brick, one-story home that she and her husband, Andrew, purchased in the suburb of Richardson, Texas. Within a few short months, she had transformed the dark, cave of a house into a cozy home with character, authenticity, and class.

Cordelia made her grand debut in December, and at the same time, Becca would be forced to look her mortality in the eyes. For most, especially the young and healthy, the birth of a child is a joyous and strenuous time. However, Becca’s doctors missed the warning signs of a blood clot. The blood clot robbed Becca of her precious first days with her baby and sidelined her for months. Becca was diagnosed with a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT – Blood Clot) that stretched from her hip to her calf and micro-clots in her lungs.

In the months that followed, Becca happily left her Wealth Management career to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps. She started her design company, Refined Relics Designs, launching the Heirloom Home Décor Box based on her philosophy of authentic design.


About the Company

Here at Refined Relics, we follow a dedicated philosophy of “Authentic Design”.  We strive to infuse items into our homes that speak to us, create conversations, and tell a rich detailed story of their history.

Whether it is a vintage piece with its history outlined for you in its exquisite detail or an artisan crafted décor piece showing the devotion to function and style.  It truly creates a unique home when the rustic bottle on the mantle isn’t just a bargain bin pick-up from your local chain store, but instead an antique milk bottle from the Roaring 20’s with decades of history it is dying to share with you.

The Heirloom home décor box is a monthly subscription service dedicated to Authentic Design. Each box includes 5-6 small home décor pieces sourced from small businesses and vintage retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Our designers work to locate artisan partners who can provide our clients with the finest quality unique pieces while choosing individual vintage goods for each box exclusively. This means that no two boxes are the same, previous boxes have included vintage goods such as antique books, bottles, hand carved wooden boxes, tea kettles and more. Upon opening your box, you will be able to peruse your menu card for detailed descriptions on the origin of each of the contents.

Starting on the first of every month our designers begin gathering goodies for your box and over the next few days they will design a personalized box for shipping mid-month (no later than the 19th).  Each box is packed with care and style before being delivered to your doorstep for your enjoyment.



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